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And now I'm back again with anime icons! ... And some icons of Colin Farrell from Fantastic Beasts. Which is not anime, but I have them so here we go.

Madoka Magica (32) | Monogatari (28) | Paranoia Agent (15) | Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (27) | Steins;Gate (24) | Fantastic Beasts (28)

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another year, another occurrence of remembering that this icon comm exists

some of these are new, some of these are hella old, but either way if you want to use them, feel free to do so

Ballad of an Evening Butterfly (34) | Over The Garden Wall (34) | Puzzle Agent (28) | Steins;Gate (25)

maybe someday I will be more active... someday... )
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[personal profile] serperior, have some old icons I made but never got around to uploading

and I do mean like really old, like icons I made a year ago

Courage the Cowardly Dog (15), Gosick (15), Kill Me Baby (17), Monsters University (20),
Paranoia Agent (20), School Days (17), Steins;Gate (25), Uchouten Kazoku (30)

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