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And now I'm back again with anime icons! ... And some icons of Colin Farrell from Fantastic Beasts. Which is not anime, but I have them so here we go.

Madoka Magica (32) | Monogatari (28) | Paranoia Agent (15) | Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (27) | Steins;Gate (24) | Fantastic Beasts (28)

but then you decided that purple just wasn't for you )
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a.k.a. the one where I couldn't make up my mind on consistent filters to use at the time

also if anyone plays from either one of these canons, please tell me because I would love to play with you

Alien Nine (50) | Monogatari (50)

the last day of my adolescence )
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credit if you take...or don't, it's totally cool

Monogatari (75) | Pokemon (Black Adventures) (55)

I said with a posed look )


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