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So, there's a folder I have that I keep with the icons and stuff I make called "misc" aka "I only made one or two icons from this series and don't feel like doing a post for such a paltry number" that I have on my computer, and after almost years of just dumping icons I made into it randomly, we have reached almost 300 icons of multiple different series that have yet to be posted.

So, I figured it was about time for me to finally clean this folder of icons out.

285 icons with too many fandoms to list, hover for series name
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And now I'm back again with anime icons! ... And some icons of Colin Farrell from Fantastic Beasts. Which is not anime, but I have them so here we go.

Madoka Magica (32) | Monogatari (28) | Paranoia Agent (15) | Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (27) | Steins;Gate (24) | Fantastic Beasts (28)

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surprise, I still have more icons to dump out and share here

as always, you don't have to credit if you take any, but it would certainly help let others know where you found them if you do!

Fran Bow (64) | Puzzle Agent (18) | Touch Detective (19)
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These icons have been sitting on my computer for years and only now am I finally starting to upload everything. I apologize for how old these icons are by comparison to my more recent ones.

Fragile Dreams (80) | Yume Nikki/2kki (94)

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... I have nothing witty to say or really any desire to do the fancy set up like I normally do for multiple series of icons, this is literally just 100 Gravity Falls icons featuring Fiddleford McGucket.

also is it just me, but during the scene from society of the blind eye, the color of Fidd's jacket changes slightly or am I imagining it and just somehow hecked up on consistent coloring with these icons

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